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Phyllis SimonAge: 81 years19161997

Phyllis Simon
Given names
Birth February 17, 1916 31 31

Birth of a sisterAnn Simon
January 17, 1919 (Age 2 years)

Marriage of a siblingMatthias MillerBertha Simon-MillerView this family
November 23, 1923 (Age 7 years)
Citation details: Marriage REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1923-043240
Death of a sisterElizabeth “Lizzie” Simon
November 10, 1960 (Age 44 years)
Cause: Tuberculosis; stroke
2007-11-11 Quote from Lizzie's daughter Ellen in an email to Eric Snyder... "...My Mom was a very sick lady. She contacted t.b. from the Rentz family when she looked after them. Apparently the Mom Rentz (Appolonia Kull I729) died and they had all these kids and our Mom cooked, did their laundry, etc. The family hadt.b. and guess Mom was with a low immunity and landed in the san. for a year. When she came out of hospital Dr. Cleave told her not to get pregnant and low and behold she got pregnant. Dr. Cleave wanted to give her an abortion but Mom and Dadcouldn't do it. So, Dr. Cleave told her not to gain too much weight or it would effect her lungs. She never gained an ounce and I was born weighing over seven pounds. Can you understand why I don't believe in abortions! Since her t.b. herhealth deteriorated ; she had high blood pressure, a leaky valve and congestive heart failure. Like Auntie Tina said, "Lizzie lived on a keg of dynamite". She suffered many mini strokes through the years but the big one came the end ofOctober and she died Nov. 10th. She never gained consciousness but we felt she knew we were there. We sat with her constantly and our wonderful aunties (Tanta Rose included) helped us. You can't beat family!! She died in the old ConcordiaHospital Did you know your Dad died the month before Bruce and I were married. We were all worried about your Mom, hoping she could attend our wedding as she was my beloved Godmother..."
Burial of a sisterElizabeth “Lizzie” Simon
November 1960 (Age 44 years)
Cemetery: Elmwood Cemetery
Citation details: Section 10A Grave 494
Marriage of a siblingPhilip KullBertha Simon-MillerView this family
after 1960 (Age 43 years)

Death of a brotherEmanuel Simon
August 1, 1966 (Age 50 years)
Death of a sisterPaulina “Polly” Simon
July 20, 1970 (Age 54 years)
Death March 1, 1997 (Age 81 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: July 11, 1902Hoffnungstal, Odessa, UKR
7 months
elder sister
Paulina “Polly” Simon
Birth: January 26, 1903 18 18Hoffnungstal, Odessa, UKR
Death: July 20, 1970Winnipeg, MB, CAN
13 months
elder sister
Elizabeth “Lizzie” Simon
Birth: March 5, 1904 19 19Hoffnungstal, Odessa, UKR
Death: November 10, 1960Winnipeg, MB, CAN
4 years
elder sister
7 years
elder brother
13 months
3 years
younger sister