August Janke,

August /Janke/
Given names
MarriageJuliane KrügerView this family

Birth of a sonTheodor Janke
about 1871
Birth of a sonRudolph Janke
March 10, 1876
Death of a sonTheodor Janke
August 31, 1878
Citation details: Volhynian Deaths, 1876-79 (M. Momose)
Birth of a sonAugust Janke
October 3, 1880
Birth of a sonJulius Janke
October 4, 1882
Citation details: Volhynian Births, 1880-85 (M. Momose)
Note: St. Petersburg Birth Records

St. Petersburg Birth Records Film # 1897596/1 Page # 786 Register # 1543

Birth of a sonWilhelm Janke
January 20, 1884

Birth of a daughterEmma Janke
December 11, 1887
Wiszniów, Luck, Wolhynien, RUS
Latitude: N50.58759631374095 Longitude: E23.88702392578125Google Maps™Bing Maps™OpenStreetMap™

Note: According to the attached certificate, Emma's date of birth is 29 Nov 1887 on the Julian Calendar.…

According to the attached certificate, Emma's date of birth is 29 Nov 1887 on the Julian Calendar. I have converted it to the correct Gregorian date.

The place is NOT Poderno.

2007-12-13 It is probably what is now Luts'k, Ukraine in the state/province of "Volyn"...,+25.3177%C2%B0&ie=UTF8&ll=50.743408,25.317993&spn=2.30817,5.141602&z=8&iwloc=addr&om=1


Note: Emma is the youngest of five children - four boys and Emma. She is sixteen years younger than her ol…

Emma is the youngest of five children - four boys and Emma. She is sixteen years younger than her oldest brother, Theodor born in 1871.

Emma Janke birth certificate
Emma Janke birth certificate

Note: 14 Dec 2006

14 Dec 2006 This certificate is in Polish and needs to be translated.


Baptism of a daughterEmma Janke
January 8, 1888
Note: Poderno is not the correct place.
Birth of a grandsonJulius Janke
September 29, 1902
Marriage of a childGustav KullEmma JankeView this family
February 16, 1904
Note: Oct 31, 2007

Oct 31, 2007 I changed the marriage date to coincide with Gustav's bible. It is probably correct, since he wrote it. /egs

The date we originally had was the Julian date. We now have it as a Gregorian date. /rws

2007-12-19 Translated in Ottawa

G Kull / E Janke marriage certificate
G Kull / E Janke marriage certificate

Note: 14 Dec 2006

14 Dec 2006 This certificate was issued in Poland in 1939. It is in Polish and must be translated.


Birth of a grandsonPhilip Kull
February 23, 1905
Birth of a granddaughterElsi Kull
December 13, 1906
Elsi Kull page in Gustav Kull's bible
Elsi Kull page in Gustav Kull's bible

Note: 2007-11-17

2007-11-17 I scanned this page of Gustav Kull's bible as a record of this event.

However, it must be remembered that the bible was published in 1950, so the bible entry was made some time after that -- MANY, MANY years after the event. So, it must be considered "soft" information needing verification by Bureau of statistics data or something else.


Death of a granddaughterElsi Kull
January 21, 1908
Citation details: Death Information File Registration #1908-004985

Name shown: Kuli, Olga

Note: 2008-01-18

2008-01-18 I scanned the page from Gustav Kull's bible with the reference to Elsi's death. Unfortunately, it's handwritten German. I can't understand it. It's the 20th of some month, 1908. When we get a translation, we'll update this record.

Birth of a grandsonAndreas (Andrew) Kull
November 1, 1908
Address: Born in the home of the Riedel family. Talbot Ave & Stadacona. Riedels owned Riedel's brewery in the building next door. His parents arrived in Wpg. in 1907 from Volhynia, Russia
Birth of a granddaughterLeontina Kull
January 8, 1911
Birth of a granddaughterAnna Kull
July 1, 1913
Birth of a granddaughterRosalie Julianna Kull
October 16, 1915
Note: Flowers on the right are from July 19th.
Birth of a grandsonWilhelm Ernst Kull
November 14, 1917
Note: 2007-12-18

2007-12-18 Except for the short spell on Bertrand St, Ernie spent his entire life in the Elmwood area of Winnipeg, MB. (McCalman, Castle, Windsor Avenue)

Marriage of a childJulius JankeChristina KuhlView this family
May 23, 1925
Marriage of a grandsonJulius JankeEmma BauerView this family
February 4, 1926
Marriage of a granddaughterValentin KaukLeontina KullView this family
July 6, 1929
Address: Holy Cross Lutheran Church McCalman Avenue Elmwood, Winnipeg, MB
Note: 2007-05-25

2007-05-25 Dennis asked Tina for details and she provided this information.

Reception (meal) held at Gustav & Emma Kull's home, 756 McCalman

Dancing at the Kauk's (Val's parents) home across the street and down next block 778 McCalman

Marriage of a granddaughterOrval Harold PresserAnna KullView this family
about 1935
Family with Juliane Krüger
Marriage Marriage
Birth: about 1871Woschnike, Lenshytz, POL
Death: August 31, 1878Padderno, Dubno, Wolhynien, RUS
5 years
5 years
Birth: October 3, 1880Antanowka area, Luck, Wolhynien, RUS
2 years
Birth: October 4, 1882Padderno, Dubno, Wolhynien, RUS
Death: October 26, 1971Winnipeg, MB, CAN
16 months
Birth: January 20, 1884
4 years
Birth: December 11, 1887Wiszniów, Luck, Wolhynien, RUS
Death: July 7, 1950Winnipeg, MB, CAN