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March 2, 2017 - 6:30:46 a.m.

Many thanks to Judy Perkins-Price for recently adding members of her Price family to our database.

Eric Snyder

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Tina Kull / Carrie Laudinsky on ball team
Tina Kull / Carrie Laudinsky on ball team
View this individual — Leontina “”Teenie or Tina“” Kull
View this individual — Caroline (Carolina) “Carrie” Laudinsky

11/13/2007 Pic provided by Verna Hutchinson. Tina Kull-Kauk top left; Carrie Laudinski-Kull 2nd from bottom right
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Mary Ambrosian “Maude” HornNovember 12, 196851Death
Louisa Anne CoatesNovember 12, 193386Death
Caroline (Carolina) “Carrie” LaudinskyNovember 12, 1908111Christening
Johann George Karl DietrichNovember 12, 1789230Birth
Johann George Karl DietrichNovember 12, 1789230Baptism
George Edward KraushaarNovember 13, 1914105Birth
August “Augie” LaudinskyNovember 13, 1912107Birth
Maria Augusta KleeNovember 13, 1904115Birth
Katherina “Katie” LaudinskyNovember 13, 1901118Birth
William “Bill” HutchinsonNovember 13, 1898121Birth
Adolph LaudinskyNovember 13, 1892127Birth
William John Ernest SchneiderNovember 13, 1888131Birth
Wilhelm Ernst “Ernie” KullNovember 14, 1917102Birth
Andreas BäckerNovember 14, 1913106Birth
Johann BäckerNovember 14, 1910109Birth
Stephen TaylorNovember 14, 1884135Death
Hiram Duncan KeirNovember 14, 1848171Birth
Johanna Wilhelmine Henriette SchmidtNovember 14, 1837182Birth
Georg Peter EiderNovember 14, 1805214Birth
Johann Friedrich Kuhl + Catharina Christina GrubNovember 14, 1842177Marriage
Samuel Ogden Edison Sr + Nancy SimpsonNovember 14, 1792227Marriage
Valentin DietrichNovember 15, 1857162Birth
Johann Jacob WalterNovember 15, 1703316Birth
Adam Johann Stallmann + Katherine StammNovember 15, 1815204Marriage
Evelyn Caroline “Evie” KullNovember 16, 192990Birth
Bertha Simon-MillerNovember 16, 1907112Birth
Charles “Charlie” OblenisNovember 16, 1889130Birth
Clara SellersNovember 16, 1884135Death
Johann Georg KraushaarNovember 16, 1850169Birth
Franciska SeibothNovember 16, 1843176Birth
George Simon + Barbara KnobleuchNovember 16, 1800219Marriage
Margaret PetrieNovember 17, 1907112Birth
Katherine Elizabeth WaltherNovember 17, 1902117Birth
Phillip StallmannNovember 17, 1834185Birth
Georg Heinrich Stallmann + Christine HauserNovember 17, 1850169Marriage
John Tyler + Anna BrownNovember 17, 1796223Marriage
Ethel Gertrude SellersNovember 18, 199623Death
Edith Madeline SellersNovember 18, 196059Death
Johann “Buddy” Laudinsky IIINovember 18, 1910109Birth
Heinrich Wilhelm Hermann SchmidtNovember 18, 1835184Birth
Johann Georg Kraushaar + Christina ZimmermannNovember 18, 1850169Marriage
Johann Peter Griessmann + Maria Catharina SchuppertNovember 18, 1737282Marriage