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March 2, 2017 - 6:30:46 a.m.

Many thanks to Judy Perkins-Price for recently adding members of her Price family to our database.

Eric Snyder

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Irene Lillian VogtJanuary 29, 200911Funeral
Hartley Robert LewisJanuary 29, 198238Death
Thomas Harold Andrew RitchieJanuary 29, 1896124Birth
Evelyn J. TingleyJanuary 29, 1862158Birth
Maria Margaretha KraushaarJanuary 29, 1839181Death
Johann Georg SiegelJanuary 29, 1715305Birth
Marion SellersJanuary 30, 192892Death
George Evelyn HutchinsonJanuary 30, 1903117Birth
Martyntje TourneurJanuary 30, 1698322Baptism
Waclava Wanda Frances OrchowskiJanuary 31, 20137Burial
Allan Keough SrJanuary 31, 200317Death
Olga Agnes NeimannJanuary 31, 199129Death
Christina LaudinskyJanuary 31, 1903117Birth
Carolina KraushaarJanuary 31, 1840180Death
Maria Catharina StallmannJanuary 31, 1800220Birth
Johann Michael SchmidtJanuary 31, 1754266Birth
Mathias GmelinJanuary 31, 1677343Birth
Josephus Taylor + Maria GrimeJanuary 31, 1701319Marriage
Harvey Lincoln FergusonFebruary 1866154Birth
Arzina L HornFebruary 1837183Birth
Ann KeartonFebruary 1821199Birth
Verna YestrauFebruary 1, 20155Death
Gertrude “Trudy” StreibFebruary 1, 200911Death
Johann Georg KuhlFebruary 1, 1870150Birth
Maria Catharina KraushaarFebruary 1, 1851169Birth
Catherine KraushaarFebruary 1, 1828192Death
Johann Philipp Kuhl + Christina HabichFebruary 1, 1880140Marriage
Michael Tourneur + Maria “Mary” OblenisFebruary 1, 1717303Marriage
Johann Georg “Georg” KuhlFebruary 2, 1885135Death
Johann Peter DietrichFebruary 2, 1884136Death
Adam KraushaarFebruary 2, 1855165Death
Barbara DauenheimerFebruary 2, 1847173Birth
Daniel JetterFebruary 2, 1846174Birth
Mary DownsFebruary 2, 1836184Birth
Michael Johann Haberstock + Carolina(Karolina) DietrichFebruary 2, 1859161Marriage
Lawrence GrayFebruary 3, 199822Death
Frances Stallmannabout February 3, 195367Death
Katharine Klara KuhlFebruary 3, 1886134Birth
Johann Conrad KraushaarFebruary 3, 1855165Death
Thomas ChapmanFebruary 3, 1763257Death
Hendrick van OblenisFebruary 3, 1745275Death
Roger Alan DownsFebruary 4, 200614Death
John Kingsley “JK” DownsFebruary 4, 200614Death
Olga Agnes NeimannFebruary 4, 199129Cremation
Gertrude Martha SchneiderFebruary 4, 1892128Birth
Heinrich ZimmermannFebruary 4, 1884136Birth
Johann Michael DietrichFebruary 4, 1822198Death
Johann Peter MüllerFebruary 4, 1764256Birth
Johann Nicolaus KraushaarFebruary 4, 1736284Birth
Julius Janke + Emma BauerFebruary 4, 192694Marriage